Our Useful Links

On this page, we will bring you links to articles that we feel are useful in contributing to a long and happy life for you and your pet! If you feel there is something that would be worthwhile us adding in then please drop us a line on the 'Contact Us' page.


For anyone struggling with a reactive or aggressive dog on the leash, then this article is a great read.

We already recommend Victoria Stilwell as a trainer but without direct access to her to personally train our dogs, her website and videos are the next best thing!

Why I Went Positive


If you have a nervous or protective dog; or a new foster who is unsure around people, then teaching them the touch cue can not only help with their confidence but can also be a distraction for a nervous dog in an unfamiliar setting.

Hand Touch Training


Dogs fighting is a stressful, unpleasant situation for all concerned, but is there a way to break up a fight safely? Read on for more information.

Break Up A Dog Fight Safely


Carrying your dog incorrectly can cause back problems - read on for tips on how to pick up and carry your dog in the right way.

Carrying Your Dog Correctly


Ever assumed that your dog wants to play with every other dog they meet? This article may disprove that assumption. Read on for research into what happens when dogs meet dogs.

Dog To Dog Greetings


We often find that smaller pets are perfect for Hong Kong living but there isn't a lot of space devoted to our smaller friends! Here are some useful links for Guinea Pig owners.

Hay Ordering

Everything Guinea Pigs

Guinea Pig Sizes

Keep an eye on nails, they seem to grow very fast, use a nail clipper - you can trim the nails safely.

Every so often they need a bath, best an adult do this as wet guinea pigs can be slippery. There is a section on the 'Everything Guinea Pigs' link for bathing piglets and how to make them feel safe.


If you have a rabbit and are interested in finding out more about his/her behaviour please check the links passed on to us from bunny lovers. They're very informative and comprehensive.

Keeping House Rabbits

House Rabbit Society

The House Rabbit Society website is a great tool for advice and learning about rabbit's behaviour, housing, special requirements and diet.

It also covers common aggression and nipping behaviour in rabbits and how to deal with this as well as training in communicating clearly with your rabbit and forming a good relationship between you!