Dear Friends and Animal Lovers,


We need your help now more than ever! 🐾 Our charity is facing a severe funding crisis, and we are at risk of having to close our doors! We’ve never been in such a position and we know it’s not just us.


Every day, we receive messages about animals being – abandoned, surrendered, and neglected. We want to be there for every one of them, but we can’t do it without your support.


How You Can Help:
💜 Donate: what you can (visit our donate page)
🐶 Share: Spread the word! Share this post with friends and family to help us reach more people.
🙏 Volunteer: Your time and skills are invaluable to us (please complete our volunteer forms – general volunteer, or cat sanctuary volunteer).
🐈 Foster: Even for 3 weeks will help save a life (read more about fostering)


Our overheads come to $100,000 minimum per month.


We understand that times are tough, but if you can, please donate. Your support means the world to us and the animals in our care. We have over 60 animals in foster homes and we urgently need more fosters – even 3 weeks could save a life and get an unwanted animal into a safe haven.


With your help we can continue to give these innocent creatures the love, care and hopefully fosters and finally homes they desperately need and deserve.


Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. ❤🐾